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Everyone has a story.  Some are better than others.  Why is that?  We've talked about interpretation, individual uniqueness, yet, a sameness in a number of domains.  People with incredible stories seem to have unshakeable vision and stamina, though I'm not sure.  

People are a combination of positive, negative and neutral situations over time: Sometimes amazingly high positive energy, sometimes amazingly low lows.  When people like Anthony Bourdain pass unexpectedly from this life we often don't get a clear, or full picture as to why.  We see the digitized highs, we don't see the reclusive lows.  We broadcast a fraction.

"Though, we expect others to catch infinite meaning in those fractions."

They don't.  That's why powerful narrative follows a structure.  A structure that conveys relational elements.  Context is everything, and mostly what we are missing.  This is the eternal dilemma marketers are trying to solve.  Creation of a context that is meaningful in terms of some domain of concern.

Focus on the ecosystem.  Focus most intently on the decision makers.  Who are they?  What do they think?  Why do they think that?  This is the beginning of designing business narrative.

Talking to ourselves a never tiring, potentially dangerous practice.  We can't really determine anything by talking to ourselves.  Though, sometimes that seems all we've got.

Enter conversational dynamics.  The forth and back of actual dialog.  Not the imaginary conversations of our dreams.  At fifty thousand feet our similarities are amazing.  At ground zero, not so much.  Individual peculiarity of interpretation reigns.  This is why we market through structures that hold key narratives that can assist in our interactions with others.  These structures enable repitition [cost reduction], submersion [deeper exploration] and recursion [knowledge built on knowledge].

"Co-invention of interpretation through the sharing of language."

The building of relationships.

Marketers call this engagement.  The use often deceptive.  Particularly when it comes to new media.  The idea that impression equates to direct action a pedestrian concept designed into an ad revenue suction machine.  Big brands can afford that bullshit, you can't.

Owning and operating your own content, and integrating that content into various social layer channels much more powerful.

Case Example ~ Situation | Solution | Result:

Situation > LED lighting solutions company floundering in a tumultuous sea of change.  Large manufacturers awash in value-less distribution channels.  Too many players, not enough margin.  Too much noise, not enough clarity.

Solution > Focus on customization.  Focus on narrative development highlighting concerns and care for those concerns.  Focus on segmentation of the narrative for various personas.  Focus on consultative, educational dialog highlighting the distinctions of value that customization delivers.

Results > [Updates awaited]:

Distinctions: Narrative, 

Relation To Core: Acknowledgement, Observational Frameworks, Navigational Capacity, Bridging Realities, Human Interactivity's Ones & Zeros, The Language Of Coordination, Turning Business To Enterprise, Reciprocally Transactional Loops, 

focuses on the what if:

Nothing is a "sure thing."  Yet we speak about the future as if it is real.  Tangible.  Certain.  Outside of this perspective we can imagine the polar opposite.  Chaos.  Confusion.  Between these poles the situation is often murky.  Brining clarity to how we connect seemingly in another layer.  A layer removed from our current visibility.  We revolve around things and their location.  We ultimately depend on others in some way, shape, or form to get things done.  To turn possibility into reality.  Possibility, then only a percentage.

A percentage based on what:  Things.  A thing's location.  Its operation.  Its availability.  All related energy sources required for things to be invented, created, maintained and retired.  The largest amongst these energies, human energy.  Human energy consumed in threads of coordination.

"Coordination with others commonly tangled, often overly complex webs."

Context missing.  The web's threads often lost in various rented venues containing dog and cat piles of irrelevant data.  

Possibility is an assessment.  An opinion about the future.  An opinion tied to our ability to coordinate.  We manage possibility.  We manage possibility through speech acts, the language of coordination.  We assess, make and fulfill on commitments that we co-invent.  Offers and requests.  Exchanges of capacity, human energy.  We also manifest possibility thru intention, declaration and actors engaged in sequential fulfillment.  A series of coordinations.  Coordination being the real fuel that runs both the supply and demand chains.  Offers and requests the mechanism that builds, runs and moves things from location to location.  When our tasks are aligned we generate possibility.  Where they are not we can sense it.  When our outlooks are more positive, possibility appears more likely to be an actuality.  Creating possibility is rooted in mood.

Possibility as speculation: Our mood is our internal dialog about the future.  Moods can be changed and moods can be managed.  This often requires grabbing our psychology by the neck, to ensure a good connection and sitting it down politely in a chair.  Possibility is a dance.  A dance that requires some speculation.  Not certainty.  Speculation.  

The future has never happened yet.  We must speculate about upcoming events and outcomes.  The ability to speculate, to a certain point a valuable skill.  The ability to see and declare that certain point with recurring success an even more valuable skill.  Tribal knowledge increases the accuracy of speculative outcome.  Though, in an ever changing world we also need skills and sensibilities to have us navigate through an array of possibilities.

"To coordinate we speculate.  To speculate well, we keenly observe. To coordinate, we act."

Scenarios.  Context.  Speech Acts.  Action.

Action within the language of coordination is not movement.  Action is the co-invention of the future through dialog.  Listening.  Talking.  More listening.  This is where the magic happens.  There is a sequence to turning possibility into reality.

The sequence begins with what we can manifest now.  Imagine whatever you would like, though at some point we move to a physical build to demonstrate capability.  Then we can focus on repetition and refinement. Recurring possibility.

Case Example ~ Situation | Solution | Result:

Situation > EOS/USD $1,000 before 2019 [Possibility].  The blockchain, crypto, ICO space a maze of confusing narratives of both myth and fact.  Identity attempting to be built on identities.  Narratives of character.  Narratives possibility abundant.  Narratives of actual production of value scarce.

Solution > EOS/USD $1,000 before 2019 [Creation].  Requires developing broader awareness to the concrete aspects of actual development.

Two leaders who are offering broader connection to the EOS space; Fred Krueger [Workcoin], and Kurt Braget [White Rabbit] get the importance of narrative in building community.  Recurrent examples of beings who execute well on the thoughtful creation and delivery of valuable, ethical narratives.

Multiplication of leadership, and moving such content into wider circles is needed.

Results > EOS/USD $1,000 before 2019 [Updates]:

Distinctions: Possibility, 

Relation To Core: Acknowledgement, Observational Frameworks, Navigational Capacity, Bridging Realities, Human Interactivity's Ones & Zeros, The Language Of Coordination, Turning Business To Enterprise, Reciprocally Transactional Loops, 


We've been in an ethical meltdown for some time now.  Our everyday practices are to win.  To get something for nothing.  This behavior can be observed everywhere from celebrity C.E.O.s who take advantage of resource relationships in ICO projects, to everyday people who seek to cover their burden shifting with polite sociability.  Expecting others to pave our way with their resources, and even pay for our mistakes.

Shifter, Grifter, Energy Shoplifter.  Burden shifting is the act of transferring cost to another.  Shifters range in style from the innocently unconscious to the deeply calculative deviate.  The one off offender to the recalcitrant.  Regrets should familiar faces come to mind.  

Burden shifting is being driven by specialization.  We can see burden shifting at national political levels.  Burden shifting both surrounds us, and is predominately invisible.  Certainly not visible when we are participating in it ourselves.  We are coupled to burden shifting through "economy."

"I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today." - Whimpy

Popeye's Wimpy character illustrative of how it appears that most of the planet now operates.  Certainly born into most offers posing as convenience services.  Our social platforms of use for example.  The current marvel in the wave of business focus is decentralization.  Independence.  Though, nothing is really either decentralized or independent in a fully connected world. Enter trust.

Trust is a dynamic interpretation, not a digitized label as most tend to express it:  The idea that we can only trust ourselves an example.  Certainly we can trust ourselves to do some things, just as we can trust ourselves not to do others - through our choices for action in specific situations.  Others have that same right.  Flexibility.  Choice.  We can be trusted one moment and not in the next.  We can be trusted in some domains and not in others.  Dynamic in both time and context.

"Trust comes from reciprocal care."

Agreements.  Conditional promises.  Reciprocal Action.  Satisfaction, or not.

Sometimes it is difficult to articulate what we care about.  Often it is easier to distinguish what we don't care about.  Either way we need to make the language of coordination visible to successfully co-invent the future.  We need to define the pieces.

The Language Of Coordination is a simple set of speech acts. Offers; Requests, Counter Offers, Acceptance, Decline, Conditions, Criteria, Standards, Assessments, Assertions, Speculation, Declaration, Negotiation, Concerns, Fulfillment, Satisfaction. [Flores]

How we use these speech acts is situationally unique.  Not right.  Not wrong.  Though measurable through the lens of coordination. Did we open and close a loop?  Will we open and close another?  Trust holds the key.

Case Example ~ n/a. 

Distinctions: Trust, Burden Shifting, Reciprocity, Care, 

Relation To Core: Acknowledgement, Observational Frameworks, Navigational Capacity, Bridging Realities, Human Interactivity's Ones & Zeros, The Language Of Coordination, Turning Business To Enterprise, Reciprocally Transactional Loops,