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then, now and in the future:

What is being valued in a business context?  If we don't know our value in a business context, then we typically get a number of outcomes we don't like.  Dictation of terms one example.  Amazon, reportedly throwing their weight around at the city level to dictate terms of interaction and transaction.  Power, and who actually holds what type of power within an ecosystem, often painfully obvious too late.  Power appreciates the value of power, though sometimes not without dialog.  Reminders.  A stand.

"We enable you and your team to regularly experience valuable insight."

The difficulty being that the experience[ing] quality of interaction itself tends to fall too quickly to the background of memory.  We come to expect the insight, while completely loosing sight of what it took to enable the possibility.  The question in ongoing relationship then how to keep bringing such history into existence without producing anxiety and discomfort.  The opposite often necessary when things become unbalanced and advantage being taken.

"Value revolves around cost.  Though, luxury paints it as prestige."

That odd place in the moment.  We typically don't see the cost that we are, and we also don't see the costs that surround us.  Luxury, for example typical of being built on the backs of the less fortunate.  Those with few, or no choice.  So, how can we ethically express value when we don't clearly see cost?

"We talk.  We co-invent interpretation through forth and back dialog."

Let's get a table.  No, not that glass patio table you've been wanting, let's get a spreadsheet to begin documenting what we see.  Invariably that will be two, or more different things as well.  Such is the situation when we begin interacting with others.  Everyone has a specifically different background, set of experiences and preferences.  And, different assessment/opinions about value and about cost  From here we can only begin to bridge.  Bridge concern, while sharing distinctions relevant to the concerns voiced.  Remembering that concerns cascade.  A concern typically renders an array of concerns when more closely examined.

This is how we bring value to conversation and conversation to value.  Through the expression and exploration of cost.  We must not be shy about this.  We must wrestle the interpretation of cost and costs to the ground.

Application > City Planning: What are the costs surrounding city planning?  Can we make a list, build a spreadsheet to illustrate as is cost?  Costs in the process as it stands now.  We also need to know who, exactly are the players within the surrounding ecosystem?  We need to understand the costs that they are and the costs that they incur within the existing process.  Can we document, or map the process?  This is most always essential before we can talk value.  All critical components of both building a value case and preparing listening.  

Solution must either increase revenue, or decrease expense.  Great solutions do both.  We have to speak the customers language, while continuing to invite them to a new orientation.  Bridging the historic language with new language revolving around the benefits.  The concerns addressed.  The care taken.

What is it that you, we together can now do inexpensively relative to historic cost?  Let us count the ways!...

EXPLORATION: What produces the interpretation of value, satisfaction in our interactions?  Let us count the ways!...

Case Example ~ Situation | Solution | Result:

Situation > N/A

Solution > N/A

Result > N/A

Distinctions: Valued, Value, Cost, Costs, Co-Invention, Dialog, Concerns, Ethics, Satisfaction, 

Relation To Core: Acknowledgement, Observational Frameworks, Navigational Capacity, Bridging Realities, Human Interactivity's Ones & Zeros, The Language Of Coordination, Turning Business To Enterprise, Reciprocally Transactional Loops,