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I just got off the phone with a speculative.  In historic times this would be a suspect.  Speculative because others are involved in the decision.  There always are.  Selling concepts is something I'm used to.  There is a process for it regardless of audience. The audience determines the specifics.

When entrepreneurs can't sit in a potential customer's seat and run through the return on investment decisions [plural], then the chances of maximum success are greatly diminished.  This typically shows up later in the form of some limitation of demographics [reach], finance [capacity], technology [ability], or policy [choice] that the business struggles with.

"Value is more than a word."

Value has to be demonstrated.  Both in story and in act. 

Starting narratives with declarations of value are critical to filtering both in and out.  Filtering in to the discussion of how concerns will be addressed; filtering out the future capacity drain that will come from an unprepared audience.

"For audiences with concerns like this, we bring value by delivering X."

Detailing X is the work. 

The Language Of Coordination focuses attention on the who, what, when, why, where and how narratives that highlight X.  X being the thing [product/service] being delivered.

Most entrepreneurs fail to percolate here long enough.  It's not in their bodies.  Invariably, they've built an MVP based on the focus of things and their locations.  The nuts and bolts of project management.  The connection and focus on "how" - how to build a physical artifact that solves specific issues.  The value of having those issues solved becoming an auto assumption behind every task. 

Early validation a result of the woke.  Early use always comes from people that get it.  They get the value proposition.  This is a double edge sword when it comes to market, because, again the value tends to blend into the background.  Though, now we're typically at the pricing stage.  The stage where critical margin can be gained, or lost instantly depending on facet focus.  Again, we are too deep - the equivalent of spending a lot of time focusing on cutting in the corners when you're painting a room.  You are the only one that's ever going to notice the corners of the room again.

When we transition to the social layer we need to rethink, revisit, remind of the value.  The why that connects with the fundamental concerns of the listener.  We want to pull people into a conversation of care.  Care for their concerns.

We demonstrate care through dialog.  The elements of what we say, and don't say / what we do, and don't do in the course of interacting around the offer.  Always with a focus on the delivery of value.  Our marketing outlines what that value is.  Great marketing brings that full circle into an enterprise as it continues to invent how to care for all involved.

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Distinctions: Value, Focus, Narrative, 

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