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Extended Horizons Of Time; It's not so much when somewhen gets back to us now, it is how.

Imagine chatting with your best friend at a coffee shop, they are completely within your view. Even if you look up from your device screen. You've said something meaningful, something you've been waiting for the "right" moment to share. There is no response.

"Milliseconds, moments, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years." 

You nudge them with your foot, they smile. You smile.

This was the proximity, the immediacy people are used to in conversational reply.

Then came email, then came chat, then came a variety of venues we can now spend our time on, and then came conversational delay. That feeling that you are being ignored, and owed a response right now.

This is where we get into trouble. We begin to imagine all sorts of things. We forget that what we are imagining may be either true, or false. We become convinced there is a problem when really the other person has simply not replied. When we are simply in an open loop.

Who is supposed to manage an open loop? Simple. The person that cares more. Not in a bad way. In an era where data is building exponentially and there are so many different venues to focus our attention on, the person whose concerns are reliant on the loop being closed manages closure. Period. It can be no other way if we want peace. Unless, of course one is still being governed by a parental figure, and then we can talk about independence. But, here we are just focusing on the extension of time in a digital world.  

WANT TO BE A MORE EFFECTIVE LEADER, OR FOLLOWER? Then learn to manage your self and the loops that manage your concerns in various intervals of time. Everyone wants someone else to care about them. Caring about others, First, starts the wheel turning. Try it!

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