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Nodes and Networks

IN The Era Of Relationship:

We've got the notion of networks upside down; It's not the network, it's the node. We can be connected to an amazing network, and if we are a dud relative to ability to engage, to be engaging, then it really doesn't matter.

We are the generators of how effectively, efficiently and lovingly we engage with others. This, then, makes a number of choices ( if, there is choice ) critical in how we behave. Are we givers, takers, or neutrals in our relations with others? Those others, by the way, now include autonomous agents. Do we generate positive, neutral, or negative conversational energy? Do we care? About what? What do we normally act on? What do we fill our time with? That is what we care about!

Leakage: While we can begin to locate ourselves within continuums we can also be leaking precious energy through constant worry. Negative cycles. We can close leaks by simply doing those things. Right.

"Who ever 'simply' did anything when it came to changing behavior?

You can. It is possible. Many things can be accomplished by choosing an alternate path. That begins by squeezing out an existing behavior. That takes calendar review. What are your daily patterns? Pick one that you are pretty sure is NOT helping you. Implement a change. Repeat that process with a constant eye on that new place you would like to see, appreciate and experience in your character.

What we are doing here is establishing an outline of self, which one brings to the exploration of maps and territory.

Distinctions: Continuums, Networks, Nodes, Character, Declarations, Navigation, Observational Frameworks, Situational Perspectives, Exploration, Maps, Territory, Self, Mobilization,