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is a grossly misunderstood term:

Working on a project with a friend and colleague recently it occurred to me that our teams understanding of marketing was "thin."  They asked why?.  I replied that the conversations I'd been having with other members of the team revealed an interpretation that "marketing is a waste of time and money."  Until, in each conversation we dug a bit deeper into the mechanics of making public and private offers.  I suggested that we back up, and offered the following perspective:

"Behaviorally, Marketing is the preparation of a listener to accept an offer.  In action marketing is every utterance of your persona, your collective identity and identities.  External perceptions of your brand."

I repeated the core "Marketing is the preparation of a listener to accept an offer."  And, remained silent.  

"I've been in information technology marketing my whole career, I've never heard that before, and that is quite a powerful statement."

"I like it."  This orientation changes everything.  Marketing under this declaration allows us to get very clearly that it is an external source's ability to resonate with our narrative that matters.  If we have something that our interests surround making it available to others, then we have to get clear and pragmatic about the desired outcomes we are after.  There are four stages that form a continuum in marketing:

Awareness.  If no one is aware that you, or your connection to your offer exist, nothing will happen.

Interest.  Here someone who is aware is trying to figure out why they should care.

Trial.  Here there is a check between expectation and interpretations formed from experience.

Repeat.  This, the holy grail.  Nirvana.  And, the "oh-shit" moment when we begin to see what care and service of care actually mean.

This, the recipe, not how to cook the soup.  Many are running around with a thin interpretation of what marketing really is, and more importantly how and why it works.  Some of those running around, people look up to, and these people are expressing the ridiculous -- { "Look at what I/we just created With Zero Marketing." } -- which is pedestrian at best.  It is also a negligent statement that harms others.  It harms other by allowing them to believe what is not actually true.  An arrogant and ignorant claim absent the realities and importance of identity.  No identity <> No awareness.

110% of the offers invented fall into the fate of the marketing continuum.  And, unless we are living in a vacuum we need to respect gravity.

Application > Just about everything; As children our marketing is being cute; As we explore adolescence we see that narratives matter; As we explore adulthood we are capable for forgetting the importance and critical nature of many, many things...

EXPLORATION: Look at the narratives around you.  Study narrative models.  Observe different styles of narrative telling.  Look at offers from the perspective of awareness, interest, trial, and repeat.  Observe what is present and what is missing in both successful and non-successful attempts to market.  Look at the cost of building and maintaining an identity.  Review trust.  Review disclosive spaces.  Review recurring domains of concern.

Case Example ~ Situation | Solution | Result:

Situation > n/a

Solution > n/a

Result > n/a

Distinctions: Marketing, Identity, Awareness, Interest, Trial, Repeat, 

Relation To Core: Acknowledgement, Observational Frameworks, Navigational Capacity, Bridging Realities, Human Interactivity's Ones & Zeros, The Language Of Coordination, Turning Business To Enterprise, Reciprocally Transactional Loops, Marketing's Continuum,