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Value and care:

The connection not always obvious.  Fogged over in our view from the peep holes in our bio-wrapper.  The wrapper that shapes how others view us.  The wrapper that sets up polarity, bias, attraction.

< Care < Value > Love > And back around to care.  Value in the middle, because value an important driver of both care and love.  Around and around this ring WE go as full bodied human electrons flowing in complex toroidal fashion, continuously ring[ing] a planet ringing the sun.  Our interactions with other forms carrying a sequence, a polarity, and energy that can be observed in each and every exchange.  Forcing Functions exist in Relational Physics, just as they do in mechanical physics.  WE can feel it, our feelings measure it.  Different actors having different capacity for positive, negative charge.  Micro to Macro rotation of things and their location.

Logistics and interesting word.  A Pedestrian concept to describe the flow of things from location to location.  Interactive communications in a social layer surrounding things and their location as they travel the globe, or get shot into space.  WE are distinguishing communication from Coordination; the former often just talking; the latter a specific language for getting things done in any language.  Once you know the speech act code.  That code embedded herein as an elemental form woven into each piece.

WE are going to continue to step through a number of things quickly in this Exploration.  More specifically a speech act logic sequence, stripped of psychology.  Not that there is anything wrong with the ology studies in general, WE just need to Care for Balance.  And, so, WE are going to get specific about speech act logic, precisely because it has historically been labeled as too harsh.  A psychological characterization in itself, quite likely rooted in deep resistance born elsewhere.

Enter Spock.  Hero of Star-Trek fame, loved by many.  As he openly mocked psychology, repeatedly pointing to emotion as the human weakness that causes most of our pain and suffering.  All because humans have language:

"I Love You.  I Value You.  I Care."

These are familiar Declarations we hear in a variety of contexts and situations.  The words meaningful in some way to the mouths they come from.  How can we tell?  WE test.

"Here is who i am; Where i am headed; and, why - here is what i need."

These also Declarations about situational specifics in our lives.  This is the Self preservation part.  The part WE are given by those that came before us.  Both gift and delivery can fall in a range of very positive to very negative.  Observation of which both internal and external.  How we see ourselves, how others see us.  Our Requests for alignment going forward.

"Well, i think that's the last thing you need, and i'm Concerned..."

Enter psychology.  Observe Linguistic Decline.  Counter Offer To Tangent; can we talk about your mental health, because I'm Concerned about you.  The Language Of Coordination specific at this point.  The Concerns of the Requestor are Not being met.

"Ah, I have Not granted you the authority to make an Assessment of me.  Though, I would be open to discussing your opinion in the future."

Interactive Physics reveals a wonderful simplicity.  Why pour more gasoline on the fire than you have to?  Conversationally, you've been very specific about who you are, what you are out to produce, and the help you see you'll need.  Conversationally, your partner in the forth and back has Acknowledged No Value, No Care... Love variable... WE Can Say No And Love Someone.  Parenting, for example, imprinting "No" until two, then gets a lot of "NO" responses for a year.  WE Can Diagram The Sequence in three moves; Declaration; Request; Decline.  No reply a decline.  Tangent a decline.  The Only thing that forwards the dialog, a rigorous discussion about satisfying the request to stand in the declaration offered.  If WE Let It Be Simple.

Application > Developer Relations >> Getting things done...

Application > Entrepreneur >> Under the gun...

Application > Mother >> Relations with son...

* Listening + Mood = Care

   Care + Action + Reciprocal Assessment/Assertion = CAre

   > to Square Care >> CARE = Reciprocal Value


EXPLORATION: Where are we hesitant to have honest, open dialog?  Is it possible that by managing honest, open dialog with clear intention and care that we actually create relationship, not thwart it?

Case Example ~ Situation | Solution | Result:

Situation > n/a

Solution > n/a

Result > n/a

Distinctions: Assessments, Conversational Energy, Gifts, Stands, Intention, Care, Honesty, Openness, Culture, Development,  

Relation To Core: Acknowledgement, Observational Frameworks, Navigational Capacity, Bridging Realities, Human Interactivity's Ones & Zeros, The Language Of Coordination, Turning Business To Enterprise, Reciprocally Transactional Loops, Marketing's Continuum,