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the illusive OBFUSCATER:

Most seems invisible when we really look.  Our unique interpretations 7Billion plus focal points located in spacetime on a spinning ellipsoid.  That should provide some perspective.  Your interpretations are your own.  Sure, there is a pattern of commonalities within the mass.

That's the problem:  We assume our individualities are not commonalities, but, instead "identicalities," exact replicas of our own interpretations.  Thinking and acting like we are all the same, we're not.

"No two minds the same."

Different contexts, generated from individual experiences, backgrounds, sensibilities, moods and preferences. All packaged in our individual earthling forms.  

Bias produces invisibility.  Try not to be biased.  Bias comes naturally from our predisposition to survive.  We are genetically wired to make assessments of our situation and circumstances.  Though, nature has tricked us into thinking that the simple things in our now rather complex lives are our enemies.  They aren't.  No intimidating man, or woman in a professional context is going to literally kill you.  Power suit preening an evolutionary constant of repulsion, attraction and replication through reproduction.

Sorry, we all got here naked: Our parents were undoubtedly in some form of undress when we were conceived.  Yet, we are so weird about our nakedness.  In many contexts.  We are weird about our sexuality, and we are weird about our vulnerability to catastrophe.  We imagine sanctuary on deserted islands at the same time we fear the isolation.  This is a constant tension that is mostly invisible.  

Invisibilities are Not blindnesses: Unless we want them to be.  Can't see and won't see are two completely different things.  Can't see can be remedied, won't see, not so much.

"It takes a catastrophe, a pain to produce meaningful learning experiences."

Skills.  Exploration.  Acquisition.  Replication.

Making things visible is serious work.  One can't take another's situation and context for granted.  There is no singular reality that we should be forcing people into.  We should be working to blend interpretation though dialog.

The sequence of producing change begins with dialog, reflection, invention, refinement and flows to scale.  Or, it doesn't.  Failed experiments only mean the experiment was a failure.  Not that the theory behind the experiment is a failure.  Edison proved this through his relentless pursuit of inventing the light bulb.  Though, the real invention was electricity.  Where we sit now, WE need to begin to harness human electricity, the magic that happens when we choose to interact.  Positive, Negative and Neutral reactions to what we offer in speech and physical acts.

Case Example ~ Situation | Solution | Result:

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Result > n/a

Distinctions: Invisibility, 

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