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gravity and fact:

What goes up, must come down.  Typically at different rates of speed.  This is a conditional fact.  We can change the facts by manipulating the environment.  This is happening all around us.  In this case by retesting an event within a vacuum chamber.  An experiment with a bowling ball and some feathers, for example.  Dropped from a lift at both atmospheric pressure and while under vacuum. <video> As Brian Cox points out at the end though "without the background... they weren't actually... falling at all."  The video neatly illustrating the vast difference between two ideas along the same line of inquiry.  Gravity, a [force] according to Newton, and part of a theory of [relativity] for Einstein, two very different perspectives, indeed.  Both conditionally true.

"Opposing <> Ground."

When two or more people come at things from different angles it can either be wonderful or a complete disaster.  Where is the difference?

Humans have a ground.  A somatic ground.  A place where we traditionally come from in our nature and approach to others.  Moods that we bring to conversations as we navigate, as well as the reactions and feelings we produce in others.  The somatic nervous system controls the voluntary movement of muscles in connection with our skeletal structure.  This is what gives our body mobility.  We can then extend this concept of mobility and tune it to behavior, how we move with others critically connected to the outcomes we produce.

Electricity and friction common elements within the mechanical world.  These same elements exist in human to human interaction when we begin to coordinate together around some purpose and set of events.

"We find criteria and standards, and our background of obviousness different."

Two people can not hold completely opposing views on critical topics for long without doing damage to their own relationship at a minimum.  This repairable, though not without energy, significant work.  Competing ideas or behavioral traits creating polarization, even the desire to isolate.  Removing the possibility of unwanted friction.  Temporarily.

"opposing views \ people \ common cause or shared purpose \ coordination."

Essentially all human activity boils down to taking care of some concern.  Shared.  Unshared.  And, often not without conflict at some level in our existences.  How we design to take care the real key.  Because if we are not taking care of shared concern at some level, then what are we doing?

"Idling, resting, reflecting, observing, preparing, relaxing, reenergizing..."

Bridging perspectives.  Not negotiating to get what you want.  Actually inventing solutions that work for both parties.

Brevity and Clarity produce Velocity... 

Application > Business Listening: Reflection on another's cares and concerns.  What am I out to produce?  For the sake of what do I do what I do?  How can I be as clear, concise and compelling as possible?  What ground am I connecting with?  Am I offering something, or am I requesting something?  Is there resonance, mutual understanding?

Where am I in my thinking, my actions?... Where are others in their thinking, their actions?...

Where and how to make valuable offers?...

Continuous Exploration Looking Listening...

EXPLORATION: What is your ground?  Other's ground around you?  Flow, or friction?  What does it look like to effectively blend?

What it is to be a cost, what it is to generate costs.  How costs are associated with being valued and the opposite condition, costs associated with not being valued still apply.

Case Example ~ Situation | Solution | Result:

Situation > Successful man observes specific personality types as detrimental to large companies.  Metrics prove this.

Solution > Successful man works to exclude specific personality type from his business.  And, every solution creates new situations.

Result > Exclusion of personality type may be excluding activities essential to actually breaking new ground.

Distinctions: Ground, Gravity, Fact, Environments, Manipulation, Vacuum, Navigation, Certainty, Entitlement, 

Relation To Core: Acknowledgement, Observational Frameworks, Navigational Capacity, Bridging Realities, Human Interactivity's Ones & Zeros, The Language Of Coordination, Turning Business To Enterprise, Reciprocally Transactional Loops,