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decision makers with power:

We say the word ecosystem, though few seem to grasp what that really means.  Personas in the equation.  The sphere of influencers surrounding your product/service offer.  We tend to figure out we missed a critical someone when it's too late.

Every offer has both a supply and demand chain: We need others to help us fulfill the offers we make, just as others need us to fulfill on the offers we make them.  Commitment based logistics once we get the order.  Though, what about the time period leading up order receipt?  This is where the characters in your sales story need to be identified and understood.

"Pain; Loosing agreement because a 'mystery' person was the decision maker."

Who are all the character actors in your play?  

This requires energy, skill and some hard work.  Persistence.  The scope of your project might lead to extended effort.  Big deals could take years to accurately map requisite territory.  This is why the term gorilla marketing was invented.  How can we be resourceful in our activities in a way that maximizes desired outcome?  This is different than money is no object advertising.

Twitter: The company that could have owned philanthropy.  They don't because they've never understood their ecosystem.  Ever.

Get outside yourself: Understanding the ecosystems we operate in requires our ability to look past our own selfish interests.  We have to engage with each character role in a mode of seeking to understand.  We must understand what these characters in their roles care about.  Make no mistake.  What they care about is probably neither you, nor what you offer.  That's where narrative comes in.

"You can't tell a compelling story if you don't listen to your audience."

Step.  By.  Step.

Listen to your audience, the characters you want to listen to you.  Forget features, forget benefits, forget overcoming objections  Forget negotiating tactics.  Forget all that crap, and simply listen.

Who are these people?   Have you missed any important roles?  What do these people care about relative to their job?  Who are these people outside their jobs?  When they interact with you; what do they say, what don't they say; what do they do, what don't they do?  These are questions to 'hang out with,' not identify as fast as you can.  Rushing to misjudgment and/or omission.  

Mapping the territory we are selling into is a basic element of success.  Being lazy only leads to false start and inappropriate expectations in terms of what is going to happen next.

Case Example ~ Situation | Solution | Result:

Situation > n/a

Solution > n/a

Result > n/a

Distinctions: Ecosystem, Power, Choice, Timing, Supply Chain, Demand Chain, Perspective, Observation, 

Relation To Core: Acknowledgement, Observational Frameworks, Navigational Capacity, Bridging Realities, Human Interactivity's Ones & Zeros, The Language Of Coordination, Turning Business To Enterprise, Reciprocally Transactional Loops,