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Declaring Independence; One example. A move made famous in many contexts. Some declarations of independence go back generations, even thousands of years. Some, simply recent postures relative to anything really. Diet. Not eating meat. Social policy. What is, or is not fake. We declare things into existence through language and we declare them out of existence through ceased dialog. We do this at both the meta and micro levels of interaction.

Declaring anything is a speech act. You've been making declarations, and/or someone has been making declarations for you your whole life. The same for un-declaring things in your life, too. Though, declaration alone does not make anything true.

"We care about you." 

Great. Let's ground the fact that care has indeed been delivered, together.

We need to both agree. What kind of criteria and standards will we invent for observation and assessment of care delivery? How does one feel when their stream is injected with an image of loved ones gone by? Mutual agreement is a very important part of the mutual satisfaction equation. Also important is that we both, one as the care giver and the other as the care receiver get a say in the development of the criteria and standards they will use. Just as both get a say in terms of the results of the outcomes. Were they positive, negative, or neutral?

False, we can disagree. We can decline to see other perspectives than our own. We can agree to disagree. We can also observe that something is critically missing, and offer to include it in the criteria and standards so that we might produce shared interpretation, or even, possibly, mutual agreement. With new pieces of the puzzle emerging from the invisible. This type of forth and back, dialog, essentially coordination is the real spirit of the "smart contracts" we are just beginning to see. What we've been calling collaboration an output.

Energetic Cost: Declining declarations have their cost; This company couldn't give a flying pig about the security of my data. At least not in the way they are inferring to care. They care like the spider cares for the fly. Not at all. Not at all until All. The. Flies. Are. Gone. Fat chance. However, the chance that this company sold my data is very, very high. Where the breach occurred, where care was betrayed was in who they sold the data to, and why they sold that data. They knowingly sold data for the purposes of changing opinion relative to a U.S. Presidential election, while forgetting that 538 highly vulnerable and easily findable electoral college delegates choose. The fact that my actual data was, or was not sold is irrelevant. The company admits they sold millions of personal data records for such purpose. These acts negated their declaration.

Can they correct? Sure. Though, at what cost?

This is where we get into trouble. Expecting others should correct. That somebody else should do something. In this instance we are talking about a financial titanic. You simply can't turn big ships in new directions that fast. And, who wants to turn the ship? Those with little individual power in the equation. Those who, perhaps now suspect that they gave away too much? Company leadership could indeed declare a new future. And, they have via their Time Well Spent campaign. Time will tell if their actions meet their words.

Here is what we can observe thus far. From one data point. There may be others that have experienced a throttling of certain types of content as the company stepped up on the ridiculous proposition that they should be a filter. Conduits should never be filters. The produced affect has been the equivalent of a cemented stream. Little new content. Little new marginal content. Meanwhile, the platform has become more pushy towards "Sponsored" posts, paid ads under the promise of extended reach.

Here's the twist. At a personal stream level they are already throttling between [ .000714 and .005 ] fresh posts after an eight (8) to ten (10) hour rest. This is abysmally low. Ten (10) in one thousand (1,000) is [ .01 ]. The analogy that comes to mind is an airline who sucks the oxygen out of the passenger compartment, while charging for oxygen as an essential component of cost that the user must "pay" for to survive the flight. When do you find this out? After take off. This is past the boundary of unEthical.

How we actually treat people. Positive, Negative, Neutral is what matters.

If, Mark Zuckerberg is sincere in his external declaration that the platform should deliver "Time Well Spent", then we will begin to see this in demonstrable ways. It's early, and evidence is yet to be delivered.

At ground zero, when you look in the mirror how do you see that person treating others? Autonomous agents included. Three essential moves: DECLARE; unDeclare; reDeclare; in the building and reparation of trust.

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