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Amidst Platforms Of Use:

Eating carrots ONLY will likely kill you; It's not what we feed ourselves, it is how we feed ourselves. If we insist on a diet of singular perspectives, then that is probably not going to work well in the long run.

I was chatting this morning with a very gifted young entrepreneur in the social layer. In sharing a post that I had previously posted, he prefaced his post by saying "More like I would pay $18.75 to have all political posts filtered. Keep the ads." We were both now advertising for WAPO relating to speculation that Facebook could turn to a user subscription model amidst the 2018 public realization of what the platform was up to.

Several others commented similarly relative to politics, or expressed agreement. I then posted that I was "curious; if y'all don't follow what's going on in the world, then how do you expect to invent thing that will be a success !?!... Policy is a major component of strategy, and where many ventures fall flat."

In reply it was suggested that "Most of the stuff on social media is NOT enlightening, it's just people complaining or forcing social political issues down our throats. Where I need to see consumer content is in trade magazines or by discussing products with customers."

I offered in reply that "One's feed depends on what THEY have created, and that trends are clearly visible for those that surf them."

"Surfing is an excellent illustration of balance within the act of balance." 

Then through a few more exchanges we essentially agreed that both were valid points, and that one's success might very well rely on balance.

The very act of balancing on a board [ or, flying on one ] while balancing on a rolling curvature is a blatant demonstration of human ability to - in fact - balance. Other domains of our life experience, perhaps not so balanced. Why?


Any place on earth that you go to where there is working electricity gives you the possibility of plugging in an electrical device and having it work. When it does work it is running on positive, negative and neutral energy. That energy is grossly balanced. Products exist to tune the balance even further through a cleaning process. Whatever. The point is that balance exists on both micro and macro levels, and you get to direct it and tune it, if you so choose at the personal level.


AS THE PENDULUM SWINGS: In 2003-ish The Economist's print edition cover boasted "The Customer is King, and Queen." Inside a number of articles revolving around the idea that customers had acquired some power in the equation surrounding transactions. Fast forward, roughly 15 years and the tables have seemed to have turned. A considerable shift of power.

The idea now more than emerging that being a trusted provider may not even matter to platform owners. Their maintenance men and women living in thousands of tiny boxes both literally and physically.

Few here and there rebelling and pulling the plug on the grind. Though these forming an insignificant margin. Noise in the machine.

Unless such edge cases become the standard, it all keeps rolling forward. Grinding on. Don't like our "service?" - no problem - YOU ARE BANNED!

What there is to do is surf the trends while continuing to keep a close eye on the horizon.

WHAT MATTERS: How you direct that energy then gets magnified and multiplied through your interactions with others. The feelings and moods you generate not only in yourself, in others too. This is the beginning of mobilization to work on, work in and change very big things.

WANT TO MAKE BIG CHANGES? Figure out how to produce more balance by leveraging your ability to be positive, negative, or neutral in your interactions with others. There are strategies and practices for this. Which ones are the best are situational, dependent on a number of variables that can be identified. Identification comes from dialog with others. So does design, implementation and refinement in a forward rotation. Just like surfing.

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