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Strategy is based on producing a future result, to implement strategy we need an anchor, an artifact that we can begin to orient around; Turn around work, designing a pivot, or simply ramping revenue is difficult because of the people element. People are doing whatever they are doing, which may, or may not be consistent with producing value.  Typically different threads have been tied into a tangle that has become a problem.  Clients concern oscillating between making it work, and saying goodbye.  The body gets stuck in old patterns, even if the mind says let's change it up.

Businesses sell things.  And, part of turn around / pivot strategy is figuring out what to sell.  Not only what to sell, but how to sell it, where to sell it, why people buy it, or don't - etc., etc., etc.

"Anchors are narrative experiments."

Live audience resonance tests with speculative language designed to connect with the concerns of the listener. 

The ability to create simple artifacts for quick testing is a team critical skill:

"Too many times ability gets bound up in the debate of the irrelevant."

Example: The client team had been in conversation about refining their website and ROI calculator for months.  Nothing but confusion was produced. 

The Language Of Coordination changed that.  By focusing on the distinctions within the language of coordination clarity was produced quickly.  A strategy had been declared, though activity didn't match the strategy.  This was discussed.  The strategy redeclared as valuable and the future, again anticipated as positive possibility.

We still needed an artifact.  Again, using the language of coordination distinctions we reverted to review of the desired audience the strategy was pointed at.  And, with that audience redeclared then we would make some very basic assessments about that audiences concerns.  Operational cost.  And, the operational theory that a certain segment of this desired audience would be pre-educated, interested and willing to transact.  To begin we needed a base return on investment [ROI] engine on the web.  A url we could point to. 

A mock up was built over night by way of reduction.  Reduction to a very basic set of elements, which could be conveyed in brief discussion coupled with an email briefly detailing specific labels to be used.  The next step is to evolve this little engine through a very basic set of refinement requests.

The next step after refinement will be live audience testing within the desired audience set.  Does the narrative resonate?

Way better than going round and round in speculative conversation about what the test will look like amidst bifurcating conversation of strategy.  The Coordination Waste cut out of the previous process, enormous!

Case Example: Strategy is set based on Assessment/opinion of the past, present and future.

The operating principle is that there are still situations wherein the end user is still interested in saving money [90%+] on recurring utility expenses.  Our declared strategy is a focus on such personas.  We know they exist, because it was sales to such personas that launched the company.

So, we've declared an audience.  Next, we declare a message.  An anchor to orient around.

The coordination waste that had previously been generated was short circuited by a simple declaration.  Stop work!

Meanwhile, a very simple ground, which had already been discussed was moved from the conversational layer into being an actual thing.  We implemented a top level conversational tool from which we could begin to explore the possibility that our desired audience still exists.  We won't know if they do without some physical testing.

Distinctions: Artifact, Anchor, Test, Gas, Strategy, Implementation, Reaffirming Concerns, reDeclare, Velocity, Desired Audience, The Language Of Coordination, Removing Blockages, Velocity, 

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