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decision makers with power:

We say the word ecosystem, though few seem to grasp what that really means.  Personas in the equation.  The sphere of influencers surrounding your product/service offer.  We tend to figure out we missed a critical someone when it's too late.

Every offer has both a supply and demand chain: We need others to help us fulfill the offers we make, just as others need us to fulfill on the offers we make them.  Commitment based logistics once we get the order.  Though, what about the time period leading up order receipt?  This is where the characters in your sales story need to be identified and understood.

"Pain; Loosing agreement because a 'mystery' person was the decision maker."

Who are all the character actors in your play?  

This requires energy, skill and some hard work.  Persistence.  The scope of your project might lead to extended effort.  Big deals could take years to accurately map requisite territory.  This is why the term gorilla marketing was invented.  How can we be resourceful in our activities in a way that maximizes desired outcome?  This is different than money is no object advertising.

Twitter: The company that could have owned philanthropy.  They don't because they've never understood their ecosystem.  Ever.

Get outside yourself: Understanding the ecosystems we operate in requires our ability to look past our own selfish interests.  We have to engage with each character role in a mode of seeking to understand.  We must understand what these characters in their roles care about.  Make no mistake.  What they care about is probably neither you, nor what you offer.  That's where narrative comes in.

"You can't tell a compelling story if you don't listen to your audience."

Step.  By.  Step.

Listen to your audience, the characters you want to listen to you.  Forget features, forget benefits, forget overcoming objections  Forget negotiating tactics.  Forget all that crap, and simply listen.

Who are these people?   Have you missed any important roles?  What do these people care about relative to their job?  Who are these people outside their jobs?  When they interact with you; what do they say, what don't they say; what do they do, what don't they do?  These are questions to 'hang out with,' not identify as fast as you can.  Rushing to misjudgment and/or omission.  

Mapping the territory we are selling into is a basic element of success.  Being lazy only leads to false start and inappropriate expectations in terms of what is going to happen next.

Case Example ~ Situation | Solution | Result:

Situation > n/a

Solution > n/a

Result > n/a

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the illusive OBFUSCATER:

Most seems invisible when we really look.  Our unique interpretations 7Billion plus focal points located in spacetime on a spinning ellipsoid.  That should provide some perspective.  Your interpretations are your own.  Sure, there is a pattern of commonalities within the mass.

That's the problem:  We assume our individualities are not commonalities, but, instead "identicalities," exact replicas of our own interpretations.  Thinking and acting like we are all the same, we're not.

"No two minds the same."

Different contexts, generated from individual experiences, backgrounds, sensibilities, moods and preferences. All packaged in our individual earthling forms.  

Bias produces invisibility.  Try not to be biased.  Bias comes naturally from our predisposition to survive.  We are genetically wired to make assessments of our situation and circumstances.  Though, nature has tricked us into thinking that the simple things in our now rather complex lives are our enemies.  They aren't.  No intimidating man, or woman in a professional context is going to literally kill you.  Power suit preening an evolutionary constant of repulsion, attraction and replication through reproduction.

Sorry, we all got here naked: Our parents were undoubtedly in some form of undress when we were conceived.  Yet, we are so weird about our nakedness.  In many contexts.  We are weird about our sexuality, and we are weird about our vulnerability to catastrophe.  We imagine sanctuary on deserted islands at the same time we fear the isolation.  This is a constant tension that is mostly invisible.  

Invisibilities are Not blindnesses: Unless we want them to be.  Can't see and won't see are two completely different things.  Can't see can be remedied, won't see, not so much.

"It takes a catastrophe, a pain to produce meaningful learning experiences."

Skills.  Exploration.  Acquisition.  Replication.

Making things visible is serious work.  One can't take another's situation and context for granted.  There is no singular reality that we should be forcing people into.  We should be working to blend interpretation though dialog.

The sequence of producing change begins with dialog, reflection, invention, refinement and flows to scale.  Or, it doesn't.  Failed experiments only mean the experiment was a failure.  Not that the theory behind the experiment is a failure.  Edison proved this through his relentless pursuit of inventing the light bulb.  Though, the real invention was electricity.  Where we sit now, WE need to begin to harness human electricity, the magic that happens when we choose to interact.  Positive, Negative and Neutral reactions to what we offer in speech and physical acts.

Case Example ~ Situation | Solution | Result:

Situation > n/a

Solution > n/a

Result > n/a

Distinctions: Invisibility, 

Relation To Core: Acknowledgement, Observational Frameworks, Navigational Capacity, Bridging Realities, Human Interactivity's Ones & Zeros, The Language Of Coordination, Turning Business To Enterprise, Reciprocally Transactional Loops, 

the competition for your mind has never been more intense:

The new platform promise to 'fix' fake news is fake.  What wants to be fixed is your perception.  Algorithms the original filter.  The idea that conduits should become absolute filters is a bankrupt concept.  Filtration is not a conduit's job, nor is filtration ethical when it comes to user produced content.  Your platform is going to filter me for monetary gain?  I don't think so.  All this ridiculousness built on extensions of our fixation with rote memorization.  Study the answers and you'll be smart now obvious bullshit.

Providing answers doesn't build braincells: The ability to think has nothing to do with the memorization of answers, and it never will.  Thinking comes from the act of speculation as it relates to multiple perspectives.

"When we give answers without work we are actually building weakness."

Pick a topic.  What's in the news today is a regurgitation of singular perspective.  The offering of both, or several sides of the story a journalistic expense that con no longer be tolerated.  Certainly not in the ad based jungle of dog and cat pile search.

Why spend good money on content creation when we can simply buy an ad to promote inaccuracy?  This is the basis of what we've got.  A hodge podge of ads encircling sketchy content repeat stamped for maximum penetration into our thickening skulls.

We are at a point of maximum confusion.  Most things have become polar.  It's too time consuming to run down alternate angles.  And, the grey area of objectivity has become a faint, or even invisible line between polar opposites.

The chances of 100% accuracy in what we are being fed > Zero.  Otherwise intelligent people seem completely willing to go with the flow of incomplete, and often one sided mis and disinformation.

"It is simpler, in the short term, not to think."

We don't want to uncover all the facts.  We're busy.

Marketers love this.  If people don't want to know the full story, that's perfect.  The more likely we are to share singular views designed to ignite emotion.  Playing on emotion is what marketers do.

When it comes to critical matters; We all here in tiny boxville are so far off of any semblance of rational dialog to get to the bottom of issue.  Shifting this new phenomenon is relatively simple.  Though, doing so will take some "won't power."

Case Example ~ Situation | Solution | Result:

Situation > The pictures, the positioning, the messages have all been going round for weeks.  The U.S. is now unlawfully [according to the U.N.] detaining children and separating them from their families.

This is not new.  This is not just happening now.  And, the narratives being circulated are recurrently and conveniently less than half the story.

is there a problem?  Undoubtedly.  The question is where to begin to unravel the problem.

Solution > A borderless world.  That's probably not going to happen anytime soon.  So, let's get pragmatic.  It's probably time to stop simply parroting mainstream news.  All we are dong is spreading half truths and errant dissent.  It's definitely time to start fact checking YourSelf:

Currently the ad based jungle is skewing search results to render marginal results farther to the margin.  This doesn't mean [yet] that alternative perspective content is not still out there.  Here's an example of some questions you might ask yourself and others engaged in the concern, coupled with [relevant activities to paint a more complete picture]: 

What factors contribute to illegal migration?  [If you haven't actually seen a fairly comprehensive list of contributing factors, you could make one].  

Has the flow of illegal U.S. immigrants changed demographically over time?  If you're not sure where to look, you could [begin looking at other stories supporting related trends].  Birth vacations for example, supported under the constitution.  Though, unconstitutional [in theory] to discriminate between a rich mother and a poor mother with the same intention of giving birth to a U.S. citizen for the possibility of that baby sponsoring their parents in becoming citizens later.

What about legal precedent changes regarding the detention of children in custody of those determined to be breaking the law by purposely failing to report to a customs office?  [The Consent Decree of 1997, one example of relevant law you could look up and share into our currently stilted dialog of extremism].

What constitutes "family," why aren't we looking at biologic proof, and what does the claim have in common with the global problem of human trafficking?  There is some contention that bogus claims of family and child responsibility are on the rise.  This makes sense when we look at the emotional response of many.  Tossing out the law in favor of heart strings an age old ploy.  [Work out how to figure this out].

And, finally, what is the ethical cost of continuing to not enforce our own laws, enforce them conditionally, or not shut down the illegal flow of people across our borders?  [Offer a thought piece].

Results > [Anticipated]: When we start looking around the corner at additional perspectives we'll have more room for one another, and our differences of ideas.  When we start doing that, then we may in fact start listening to people differently.  When we start listening to people differently, then we might actually begin to produce real, positive change...

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