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Social Layer Marketing

Download Engineering the Sale as a pdf ( change pdf > b4 done )...


Engineering The Sale



   *Engagement Engines built w/ Drupal


REINVENTING THE AD FOR SOCIAL MEDIA. Trust in platforms has always been a double edged sword. Trust that your data will be there when and how wanted. Trust that the platform won't disappear. Trust that the platform won't go rogue. Trust that who you appear as in the virtual stream is consistent with your intentions. Each post and comment is an ad for identity.


PLATFORMS ARE YOUR DELIVERY CHANNELS. There has never been a mistake about what platforms are up to. Each wants to be the go-to place for something. Each seeks willing masses of participants to throw up free content - data. Data that we, the willing masses are only beginning to understand the reaches of its value. Platforms are not your search buddies.


SEARCH, PLATFORMS and EXCLUSIVITY. Search has become an ad engine. Meaning that the whole idea of content quality and consistency has become subservient to ad dollars. The more money spent, the higher the placement. This pushes legitimate content down. Way down.


Platforms don't share to traditional search. Why should they? Theirs is a capture strategy. Capture. Limit. Control.


You can break this control, these exclusive rights over content with custom urls. Own yourself.


IN THE ERA OF RELATIONSHIP. Fred Wilson [AVC] talked of "Owning Yourself" and "Internet Three" on his blog. Try searching for those terms on various platforms as a case in point. Fred's site is the place to go. He chooses to focus engagement there, as opposed to engagement on each individual platform. Fred and his team own their content, and he offers that owning yourself is indeed a good strategy for internet three. We agree btw, which is why we built the engine and offer customized versions for sale.


Internet One was "hello world," and multicolored websites. Internet Two established the power of platform, and their now visible risks relative data ownership, protection and use. And, Internet Three is where we refocus on individual content control and trusted identities within trusted networks.

OWNING YOURSELF IS ESSENTIALLY BRAND BUILDING. And, it will be done through custom url content management and link backs.In the first image below you can see a BBC post that was shared into a personal account stream. The remaining three images illustrate both the quality of the engagement engine's rich media injections, and the versatility of the related images, which match the seven-up slide show on your engine's home page slide show. Creating an ad is as simple as entering some introductory content and a link to your page, post, or event.




The engine's site search enables you to build an easily searchable content database across your whole site. Additionally, you are building content search capability within the search engines themselves. Meta positioning statements within the slideshow, as well as core messaging, the content within your engine's blog posts, and special event entries are all searchable, and findable. Enabling you to create content that you can own.




Open Graph Integration: Rich media image, or video display, image/video heading and brief description capable with url identifier ~ [ ie. "EFFETTI est. 2002 & EFFETTI - Business Process Design | Strategy | Branding | Creative -" ] in the last three examples above. Different, of course for the BBC example.


*[ aka; og:image, og:title, and og:description ] work within multiple social layer platforms and their search utilities. Though, OG does Not register relative to SEO and site ranking on traditional search platforms. That's the problem. The engagement engine is designed to address this.


Slide Show: Prominent Home Page Seven by Seven Rotating Visual Display; Seven image slots. Seven quote slots. Provides for the flexible articulation of distinct and memorable short story presentation. Image slots are separate from quote slots to maximize flexibility.


Core Message and Positioning: Prominent Home Page Seven-up Content Display; Icon, Learn More buttons, and Teaser Content for your primary products, services and offers ~ [ i.e. "Acknowledgement, Observational Frameworks, Navigational Capacity, Bridging Realities, Human Interactivity's Ones & Zeros, The Language Of Coordination, Turning Business To Enterprise ] as you can see on the main page of this site.


Blog Roll: Prominent Home Page Administrator Configurable Stack; Select which posts get displayed on the main page stack, which ones only get posted on the blog page [ Perspectives ], and which remain unpublished, though accessible through the admin. panel, or distribution of the unpublished link.


The blog can be set up to manage engagement, allowing comments directly on the site, or not.


Event Engine: Events can be virtual, physical, or even the release of white papers and other special content. Shown as [ |*| ]. Events are created similarly to how blog posts are created, though with Day/Time/Venue capability which lets followers connect to when and where your event will take place.




The Marketing Continuum; Awareness <> Interest <> Trial Sale <> Repeat Sale is an inevitable phenomena that every product/service offer we've ever seen must account for. Frankly, this is where most endeavors fail. Leadership fails to recognize that it is indeed marketing, the socialization of an idea that makes, or breaks its ability to succeed.


Mike Maples, another notable VC, famously stated that "the tech startup business is about 'hyper-exceptionalism.' Out of tens of thousands of companies started a year, 97 percent of the exit profits will likely come from less than ten... the point one percent." The numbers are not all that much better for non-tech startups when one considers actual return on investment, time included, and the consistent failure of over half of the businesses that are started each year.


Our mission here is decreasing the mortality rate, the level of failure. And, increasing your possibility of success.


Reference Links:

Fred Wilson [AVC] - Owning Yourself.




trust others would have in you. Your products. Your services. Your reliability, your sincerity, and your competence to deliver on the offers you make, and the requests you accept. Your risk is the mismatch between the perception of what you said, and what you did - as well as the perception of what you didn't say, and what you didn't do.


WHY DOES THIS MATTER? Possibilities For The Future. Your identity. How you are perceived, opens or closes possibilities in your future. By managing your own identity [Brand Building] on the social layer you begin to be able to navigate with more control. 


Owning the ability to manage identity outside of what might, or might not be allowed on various platforms. For example, we've recently seen crypto banned from a number of platforms. Rules [no leather] quickly rolled out, then arbitrarily enforced. Brand building on internet three will be done by discreet url - just like this one - which is both search enabled and ad free. Ad free by choice. Choice is power.


BRAND BUILDING WITH AN OPEN GRAPH INJECTION ENGINE.  REWORKED TO HERE >*< OP means Other Platforms. Risky, because it is not really your brand that you are building. Not when push comes to shove over content you no longer have access to. You play by the platform's rules. Also, risky because the content you place there is outside of your control, difficult to locate and repurpose, and does Not show up in search engine results. For these reasons and more, high reliance on OP makes less and less sense for indepedent endeavors to do well along the marketing continuum of Awareness, Interest, Trial Sale and Repeat Sales.


We enable leaders of independent endeavors to reduce such risk; Independent as in venture backed entrepreneurs, boot-strapped startups, and small to medium sized businesses with a firm understanding of the importance of consistent *effort in effective brand building on the web.


We mitigate risk by beginning to shift the power in the equation; OP's today want to own and control your content to justify their means. Internet Two. They want you to advertise, then, in many cases they summarily throttle your reach. Worse, ad retargeting can potentially expose you to unwanted financial obligations which have little to do with reaching a genuine prospect. Instead, retargeting shoots randomly at any and every suspect.


*If you are currently of the mindset that random viral-ity is a superior strategy to actual engagement and relationship building with suspects and prospects, then what we've built is probably Not for you.



Fred Wilson, famous as "AVC" is a strong advocate of this strategy. We are too. We built an engine around it, and you are inside that engine right now. At the beginning of 2018, after the HuffPost contributor platform was shut down, Fred, wrote on his AVC blog why he recurrently declines requests from Internet Two, closed platforms to generate their content for them. His strategy, our strategy and now your strategy with your own customized engagement engine enables freedom of choice, greater control, and ultimately much broader reach using the social layer to your advantage as you build critical relationships with suspects and prospects in the conversion to trial sale and repeat customers.






Engineering the Sale


To Engineer (v): “To skillfully or artfully arrange for a situation to occur.”

Intended Outcome

Enabling you and your team to outcompete in the marketplace.

In his book “To Sell is Human,” Daniel Pink argues that selling is a fundamental human activity that goes
well beyond just selling products and services to external customers.

At XTRA MILE TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT we have created a unique, scientifically proven framework,
which is based on our own background, experience and success. This enables our clients to do much more
than simply listen for requirements that match feature / benefit matrices.

Your participants will be exposed to, understand, and practice new ways to take care of your customers’
fundamental human and business concerns. As an added value, learning to use a common lexicon will
reduce internal coordination waste thereby lowering the time, energy and cost of future sales.


Intended Audience

Technical sales and business development professionals. 

Engineering the Sale is designed specifically for those who have a responsibility, an obligation to produce
revenue through traditional sales and business development activities. In this advanced course we
leverage distinctions from neuroeconomics to enable our “seasoned” participants to enhance their
existing skills and sensibilities in new and more powerful ways. Our specific focus is increasing the
perceived value of your offers, and your acceptance rate of those offers.

Our Unique Framework


We leverage “Neuroeconomics,” the intersection of:



: How the brain is organized and functions.


Cognitive Psychology

: Attention, memory and use of language.


Behavioral Economics

: Decision making under risk and uncertainty.

Why this framework?

Impressing our ideas through sheer will and persistence has been proven to
produce limited results.

Typical sales focuses on “what works” not “why it works.”

This is not theory. We have personally used this framework and these concepts to produce $Billions in
sales, and process improvements, while building deep relationships and networks most essential to
today’s global business environment.

Our purpose in extending this body of work is to rebuild and restore the human-to-human relationship
aspect in business-to-business transactions – “We put the H2H back into B2B (and B2G).”


This scientifically-proven
framework leverages an
understanding of the brain that
has emerged in the last decade
as a result of new brain scanning


Framework Origin

Appropriating the works of accomplished thinkers for pragmatic situations.
Our training materials cite many well-researched and proven theories from a variety of disciplines. However, we
both started by learning fundamental, linguistic distinctions from our mentor-philosopher Dr. Fernando Flores in his
seminal collection of essays “Conversations for Action.” Other works include


•   Biologists Drs. H. Maturana and F. Varela: “The Tree of Knowledge: Biological Basis of Human Understanding”
•   Nobel Laureate, Dr. Daniel Kahneman: “Thinking Fast and Slow”
•   Stanford Computer Scientist Dr. T. Winograd (with Dr. Flores): “Understanding Computers and Cognition”

Proven Instructional Technique 

Feedback from Fortune 250 companies: 

•   “Excellent class! Kept presentation interesting. Very relevant material.” 
•   “Best, most useful [company training] I’ve taken so far.”

Overview of the Training Modules

Our commitment; facilitation of quick embodiment of course material through pragmatic, hands on
application. The goal; rapid application of new understanding in everyday business transactions.

•   Using the five fundamental “Speech Acts” required for every business transaction.
•   Recognizing and interacting with each of the four Prospect behavioral types.
•   Applying the Principle of Marginal Utility to craft more highly-valued offers.
•   Listening to our Prospects’ Narratives and their Denouement.
•   Understanding the four attributes of Trust required to Close.
•   Practical, Tailored, Group Exercises throughout.

Delivery Options

•   1 or 2-day seminar | or | Live, interactive, remote learning.
•   Performance support webinars to enhance retention and accelerate skill acquisition.


•   Participant manual / note taking guide (Included).
•   Textbook: “Conversations for Action” by Dr. Fernando Flores (Included).
•   Customized app to support your frontline sales force and sales managers (Optional).

Company Principals


Jeff Goldfinger

Co-Founder / Trainer

Business Development, Capture Manager, Program Manager


David Bookout

Co-Founder / Strategist

C-Suite Executive, Pragmatist, Serial Entrepreneur



It’s far more important to know
what person the disease has than
what disease the person has.
- Hippocrates

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