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We design, build, test and sell digital engines. We teach The Language Of Coordination in real time, enterprise building scenarios. We share our work in generalized ways through our blog.

Why take this approach to reduce mortality. The typical rate of business failure. We take this approach to increase the probability of success. 


Our issue, our why is that we've painted ourselves into a corner from which we have poor visibility and less than optimal perspective. Much is invisible. And, we have difficulty seeing what's coming at us.


Video Transcript: "Our world is multivariable, ever-changing. And, the idea that we can memorize some move we can make in some particular situation is completely bankrupt. This is at the root of our work. We are teaching people how to think, how to navigate, how to use readily available assets, tools, things that you can command. We are teaching people to use those things to surf their future."

To combat this we focus on the elements, foundations and coordination conversations essential for success.

We teach The Language Of Coordination. We make products and design services for engagement in the conversational layer, which surrounds things and their location. This is the next big area of productivity increase.

"We're speaking English, for example, though we are unlikely to be speaking The Language Of coordination. We need a bridge for that."

To illustrate this simply we offer that the word "table" to one, is an excel spreadsheet, and to a second is a glass patio table. We are approaching eight billion unique mental images on the planet. Sure, there are similarities. Though, how we engage with other humans, and now autonomous agents relies on shared concerns. And, those shared concerns are built through dialog. Positive, negative and neutral conversational energies mixed in the discussion. 

The language of coordination


In our training programs we exercise your brain through the phenomena of connectivity between neurons. Retention is the key to training. Our programs are designed to enable you and your team to retain what we convey at very high levels. We Offer new skills and sensibilities that enable you to act, to launch confidently into interactions with others that are effective, efficient and appreciated.

We Fulfill on these Commitments by offering two courses on Listening, and two courses on Presentation. To support these we also offer individually customized developmental services. The listening courses are; Engineering The Sale, and Engineering The Customer Relationship. The presentation courses are; Engineering The Proposal, and Engineering The Presentation (aka: Telling It Like A Top Gun).

"Just as it takes listening, and both oral and written skills to coordinate more effectively, it takes both practice, and specialized guidance to train effectively - if one chooses to produce more positive outcomes in the future."

Our training programs can always be coupled with development where more focus, and attention to individualized detail is required.