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The word development has taken on a new set of meanings around computers. Though we don't mean development in that way. Our Concern is Development of the Self. The Observer/Actor/Operator you are in various Domains of your life. Our clients concerns, why they engage us is because they are generally not satisfied in the domains of; Work, Career, Education, Money, Prudence and Sociability. They see Value in Modifying Perspectives and Behaviors in order to provide new, different and more Powerful Outcomes.

Development work is highly personal and absolutely confidential. We don't name names. Our development Offers revolve around Training coursework, and are Designed for maximizing Retention, and enabling new Declarations and new Possibilities.


We have many roles in life; Friend; Colleague; Family Member, etc., etc., and we tend to collapse those roles in ineffective ways.

Here I tackle Undue Apology with, Jeff; as we Explore the ineffective practice of opening a conversation with an apology for the past. How busy we are, or even the not so subtle diatribe of sensational events and name dropping, which can also be completely irrelevant to the real Concerns at hand.

Background: We are time short, and excuse long. Friends and colleagues who waste their Capacity, their Conversational Energy explaining details that just don't matter. In the example above I Offer business partner, Jeff, a story to illustrate the Possibility that he is in Fact producing the exact opposite of what he is intending by opening conversation with excuse for the past. My story design intended to highlight how to seize one's own Power in any situation, by working with the Observational Frameworks we have available to us.