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A Word On Coordination: 

Many are currently focused on collaboration. Yet, we are typically not focused on the underlying coordination, which actually produces collaboration. This is also where we come in. We teach The Language Of Coordination.

"This is what gives us a large proposal win rate of over 80%."

In the detail is the fact that business has focused far too long on 'things' and the 'location' of things. This traditional view shortsighted in that it is really costing businesses $Trillions in what we call Coordination Waste. The ineffective conversations, which surround things and their location.

"Where is the thing? Is this the right thing?, etc., etc., etc."

The cost of this Conversational Layer, should it even begin to be tracked exponentially dwarfs traditional costs; labor, materials, and depreciated expenses. This heretofore unseen gap making way for the next big breakthrough in enterprise - Management of the Conversational Layer - the streamlining of business processes, which drives un-captured profit straight to the bottom line.

To manage the conversational layer The Language Of Coordination is key.