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Beyond Speech Acts:

The 1's and 0's Of Human Interactivity is a bit of an empty vessel which we can pour a lot of meaning into. So is the offspring phrase we are declaring a new language - The Language Of Coordination. These are Flores' gifts to the world, which are accompanied by new works in the area of learning to learn.

Dr. Fernando Flores is more than our teacher, he is our friend, colleague and virtual partner in bringing you what we offer. For without Flores, and the observational frameworks he has invented we would have no offer. His work both elemental and foundational in that its reach extends to all areas of our lives. His inventions refer to a sort of open source code for human social engagement - "The 1s and 0s of Human Interactivity." - when it comes to inventing and coordinating with other selves, and now autonomous agents. What started as Speech Acts became a life long journey into what it is to be A human Actually Being.

"We don't realize how much we create reality through language. If we say that life is hard, it will be hard."
- Fernando Flores

Fernando Flores

Authored Works: Understanding Computers and Cognition - A New Foundation for Design; Disclosing New Worlds - Entrepreneurship, Democratic Action, And The Cultivation Of Solidarity; Building Trust - In Business, Politics, Relationships, and Life; and, Conversations For Action and Collected Essays are cornerstones of our Work.

Related Works: Learning to Learn and the Navigation of Skills: The Meta-Skill for the Acquisition of Skills - Gloria P. Flores

Without their work we would see far less, and literally be someone else!

David Bookout


Speech Acts, Mind and Social Reality - Studies in Linguistics and Philosophy.