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Human Behavior & Business Process Design: 

"Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters." - Einstein

Attention to detail. Einstein points to much that can be learned from observation of detail. When we observe people within specific contexts and situations, then we can tell much from a very small subset of behaviors; What people say, or declare into existence, and what they don't say - and - What people do, and what they don't do.

"Our stories, our speech acts, and what we actually do, our physical acts." - [match format - no quote author]

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The simple matrix, a two by two grid map, which can be laid over concerns, what we care about organized into a simple stack. A short stack of recurring domains of concern. Now we add context and situational specifics, and a sort of multidimensional aspect begins to take shape. People begin to appear in a way that makes more sense. We can begin to sift and sort differently. Surf.

Elemental | Foundational | Situational:

These distinctions apply to our observational frameworks. Our perspectives from which we view the world. What we find that we value for example. 

Commitment based enterprise. This is what we co-create with clients.

recheck this and clean it up for a transition to the bio: People do have a tendency to take domain specific knowledge and begin to apply that knowledge outside of certain conditional circumstances with a high degree of error in relationship and in business. Eventually it occurred to me that some things behaviorally were elemental, like chemistry's periodic table, some things were foundational, a combining of elements to form a platform, for example, and some things were situational in an ever changing world.

Then the idea that indeed some things, behaviorally are elemental, some are foundational, and some are situational in nature. A possibility to include flexibility.  A model to begin illustrating the principles that have been so valuable to me showed up. Some of that model are exhibited here so you can get a sense. Enjoy, engage and reach out should this resonate. I'd be honored to connect.

[the issue was observation, or rather an unwillingness to observe certain details from certain perspectives. Bi-directional perception. Who are we for others as Einstein point out, and conversely who are others for us is a series of assessment/opinions, which can be limited to one, or consist of many over time. 

American Pragmatist, Strategist, Philosophical Explorer and Serial Entrepreneur, David Bookout, has been called many things.

Personal favorites - "a man with balls and ethics."; a "philosopher, poet, mystic, enigma..."; a "conveyor of loving heartfelt care."; and a "fighter you want on your side." - reveal more than a few different facets of character and personality.

I, myself initially rejected traditional education. In my early teens I opted for personal experiences, which led to a number of failures before successes. At the same time this provided opportunity to study human behavior first hand. Later, as a co-founder of a high tech manufacturing business, I returned to study biology, linguistics and human behavior, though, again in model rich with personal experience. Action learning. We grew that business from a faint strategic direction I'd envisioned to an employer of over 500 people operating in two states. Flores' frameworks a huge part of our award winning growth to an annual run rate of $100MM+ in under six years.

Educationally, Flores' work resonated with me, and I began to experiment with the frameworks with other business colleagues. The elements, the foundations, when applied to situational circumstances worked. The vertical didn't matter. Finance, Construction, Semiconductor, Medical Device, Hardware, Software and the list goes on. Things work when the principles are employed.

Along this path I've been fortunate to have participated in a number of commercial exits, several turn arounds, some policy development in the form of an $800MM Santa Clara County Bond Measure. And, I've participated in, and observed many failures. Failures, which I'd say were the result of inabilities to observe, and great resistances to change.